What to do if a cat licks Fleen

AUG 23,2021

Cat deworming is divided into in vivo and in vitro deworming, and in vitro deworming drops, Fleuron, is now one of the more used at home. When owners deworm their cats with Fleuron drops, some cats are inevitably naughty and uncooperative, or accidentally lick it, so how can a cat lick Fleuron? Will there be poisoning?

Scottish Fold cat (Details)

       Cat deworming is divided into internal deworming and external deworming, and the external deworming drops, Floraine, is one of the more used at home nowadays. When the owner is deworming the cat with Floraine drops, some cats are inevitably naughty and uncooperative, or accidentally lick it. Will there be poisoning?

  1. Foleyne is a drug, and even a small amount of licking can cause damage to the liver. It is just not easily detected because of the small amount, but it will not kill you. If a large amount is licked there will be reactions, such as vomiting, convulsions, drooling, etc. So owners need to be careful when doing in vitro worming in the future.

  2. Why are there two kinds of drops and sprays of Foleyne and what is the difference between them? The drops are recommended for prevention, and there is basically no need for cat owners with a prevention routine to give their cats the spray. The spray is used when the cat already has many parasites on its body and needs to be sprayed through the whole body. There was a hospital test where a cat with many parasites stood on a piece of white paper and sprayed its whole body with the spray, and the parasites would soon fall off. In addition, if the cat is very young, under six weeks, it is also recommended to use the spray, because its sebaceous glands are not well developed and the drops cannot spread well. When you choose drops and sprays according to your actual situation, there are also cats that often go to the lawn, or the more humid and hot places in the south, where there are more parasites, to shorten the cycle of prevention.

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