What everyday items are harmful to cats

AUG 22,2021

The seemingly insignificant items in our lives can be extremely harmful to cats. Cats are curious, sensitive and want to find out about everything. When keeping cats, owners should understand clearly which items are not allowed to be touched by cats to prevent unnecessary harm.

Chinese civet cat (Details)

       The seemingly insignificant items in our lives may be extremely harmful to cats. Cats are curious, sensitive, and want to find out about everything. Owners should understand clearly, when keeping cats, which items are not allowed to be touched by cats to prevent unnecessary harm.

  1. Organophosphorus poisoning: Organophosphorus is a very strong and effective drug to kill fleas and wall lice. Cats are particularly sensitive to the toxicity of organophosphorus, which means they can die if they lick in a little. Organophosphorus for flea removal is generally made into powder, diluted with water when used, the most famous product is "cow wall flee", some made into a liquid like "Wolf Dog" flea removal solution. The symptoms of poisoning include drooling, muscle tremors, cramps, small pupils, abdominal pain, vomiting, dysentery, difficulty breathing, weakness, restlessness, and coma. There are still some insecticides that are made of organophosphorus.

  2. Rat poison: If your cat is one of the 500 rare cheerful and well-travelled personalities, then you should pay more attention when you take it out to play, and never cause serious consequences because of a moment of negligence.

  3. kerosene, gasoline, insecticide's sol turpentine, wood protection paint, furniture glossy paint: poisoning symptoms are breathing difficulties, vomiting, skin erosion, dysentery, etc.

  4. Lead, paint, poorly glazed pottery products

  5. Flower fertilizer, fertilizer: symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, dysentery, dehydration, etc.

  6. Methanol: It is harmful to both people and cats.

  7. Mothballs (naphthalene pills): those pure wool clothes need to use this to prevent insects, so it is a necessary supply for every family, so you must watch over the cats, do not let them use that as a toy that can play with.

  8. phenols (or carbolic acid, carbolic acid): daily life is mainly as a disinfectant (such as coal distillate phenol), resins, dyes, fragrances and other chemical synthesis, fabric detergents, fungicides, herbicides and other uses. Symptoms include uncoordinated movement, muscle tremors, and mental discomfort.

  Tip: If the cat's mother and father like to keep some flowers and plants, we should pay attention not to let the cat pluck the soil in the flower pot, because it is possible that the cat plucked the soil and then put the paw in the mouth to lick, so that the danger comes, because it is likely that the fertilizer in the soil is a harmful substance for the cat. Many homes have pesticides to eliminate cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and other pests, please note that when spraying you must avoid cats and isolate them in a safe place.

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