What are the quirky behaviors of cats

AUG 22,2021

From the moment you bring a cat into your home, you are bound to be a good "parent". In the process of getting along with the cat, the owner's care for the cat and the cat's closeness to the owner make the owner feel that he or she already knows the cat quite well, but sometimes the cat's eccentric behavior can still be a shock, so what are the eccentricities of the cat in life?

Chinese civet cat (Details)

       From the moment you bring a cat into your home, owners are bound to be good "parents". In the process of getting along with the cat, the owner of the cat's care, as well as the cat to the owner close, the owner feels that the cat has quite an understanding of their own, but sometimes still by the cat's eccentric behavior startled, then, what are the quirks of life cats?

  A strange behavior of cats: vegetable basket killer

  1. every time the family bought small onions, leeks or some greens, after being patronized by the cat will be nibbled off the top of the shoots, did the cat mutated into a rabbit?

  2. Behavior analysis: If the cat has this behavior, it means that you should supplement it with plant elements. Although cats are carnivores, they also need to eat grass. Eating grass will help them replenish chlorophyll and crude fiber and spit out the hairballs that have accumulated in their bodies. If you don't prepare any hairball removal products, they will of course look for alternatives and become vegetable basket killers.

  Some ornamental plants can be toxic to cats, so you should prepare enough cat grass and hairball removal cream and cat food for your cat, and then just put the vegetables you buy at home in the refrigerator or out of their reach. Some cats do not like the hairball removal products prepared by the owner, and will continue to persist in continuing the "vegetable basket buffet", so look for hairball removal products to suit their tastes.

  Second, the cat strange behavior: sleep also cramps

  1. When the cat sleeps suddenly slight convulsions all over the body, shaking a lot, not once or twice, pumping several times, like people have a nightmare. Sometimes also rolled his eyes, really scary, but soon healed, is this what disease?

  2. Behavioral analysis: the cat's sleep is divided into shallow sleep and deep sleep, and the slight twitching of the eyelids and body during sleep is a reaction to entering deep sleep, which is normal and not sick. And according to scientists, cats sometimes dream too. So there is a saying that when cats twitch like this, it is the time for them to have beautiful dreams. If your cat is used to sleeping near or on top of the TV, you can't rule out that it's caused by radiation. Also, cats can really twitch. If you see it twitch and then don't let anyone touch the part it twitches, it is a twitch, not a dream-induced movement.

  3. There is no need to correct this natural behavior of cats, so don't disturb them when they are in a sweet sleep. If your cat is used to sleeping near or on top of the TV, do not rule out that it is caused by radiation.

  Third, strange behavior of cats: cats love to drink dirty water

  1. Many cat owners will find that cats especially like the puddles on the ground, pots of dirty water, etc., no matter how much clean water it has, just do not drink. No matter how many bacteria and microorganisms we think there are in the dirty water, the cat thinks it is better than the water from the tap.

  2. behavior analysis: this and the cat's own habits and their own instincts! Because cats play outside if they are thirsty, it is based on their own instincts to find water to quench their thirst to drink, cats do not care if it is clean water or dirty water! Not only cats will be like this, some dogs are also like this! Every animal will have the instinct to save itself, so you should not worry too much!

  3. Cat owners can boil water to cool and then give it to the cat to drink, and do not use detergent when you brush its water bowl, and cats do not like the smell of detergent. Also, you can give your cat a bigger water bowl, so big that when it drinks the water will wet the hair under the neck, and then it will like the water you prepared better. If you are afraid that the cat will go to the toilet to find water when you go to work, you can close the door of the toilet or cover the toilet.

  IV. Strange behavior of cats: mouse-cockroach pranks

  1. Cats always like to play with a series of scary things such as rats and cockroaches, and then hand them to us, or even put them on the side of the pillow, we see and are scared, but they are happy to meow. Do cats really like such pranks?

  2. Behavior analysis: In fact, this behavior is not a prank, it is because the cat is close to the owner, every time they catch a mouse cockroach turtle and other "good things" in their perception, they will have the same mentality as parents treat their children, send these to the owner, hoping to share with you, and hope to be rewarded. At least this means that the cat doing this is very sweet, it is very fond of you.

  3. For most of these gifts we are not blessed to receive, but we should not punish cats for such behavior without malice, and should use clear behavior to show that we do not like them to do so. For example, we coldly treat the special gifts they give, or tell them they can not accept, and then send these things to them or just throw away, but in any case can not roughly scold and physically punish the cat.

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