What are the problems that need to be noted when bathing cats

AUG 22,2021

Cats are very clean animals, bathing cats is not only for cleaning, but also to prevent skin diseases and parasites, fleas, so it is best to let cats develop the habit of bathing from childhood. However, it is important to pay attention to the water temperature, not too much water, not to flood the cat, which is very dangerous, and to keep the cat warm after bathing.

Siamese cat (Details)

       Cats are very clean animals. Bathing cats is not only for cleanliness, but also to prevent and control skin diseases, parasites and fleas. However, the cat bath must pay attention to the water temperature, the bath water can not be too much, do not submerge the cat, which is very dangerous, after washing warmth is also need to pay attention to.

  1, the water temperature should not be too low or too high, in order not to burn your hands; keep the room warm to prevent the cat from catching a cold.

  2、The detergent used should not be too irritating to avoid irritating the skin; to prevent the bath water from entering the eyes, put oily eye drops in the cat's eyes before bathing to protect the eyes.

  3. For long-haired cats, their coats should be fully combed before bathing to remove the shed coats and prevent tangling when washing, which will take more time to sort out.

  4. Cats in poor health should not be bathed, kittens under 6 months of age are prone to disease and should not be bathed in general, and cats over 6 months of age should not be bathed too many times, generally 1 to 2 times a month. Because of the skin oil, the skin and coat has a protective role, if the number of bathing sets, a lot of oil loss, the coat will become rough, brittle and lusterless, skin elasticity decreases, affecting the beauty of the cat, but also may become a cause of skin inflammation.

  5, do not often give the cat a bath. The cat's coat has some very precious protective oils, as well as some trace elements. Cats clean themselves by sunbathing and licking their fur. Generally speaking, cats with bright, clean coats are healthier, and the opposite is likely to be unhealthy. The cat's body secretes oil, and this protective film will prevent the dust from getting on. This is why it is said that cats that are bathed frequently are more likely to be dirty. There is a protective film, the cat in motion will be able to shake the dust off their own body.

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