The way to distinguish purebred and mixed breed cats

AUG 22,2021

When many breeders choose to buy cats, they hope to be enough to buy purebred cats, and then many businesses nowadays use fake cats as real cats, and it is difficult to identify the cats in the kitten period. What is the difference between them?

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       When many breeders choose to buy a cat, they hope to buy a purebred cat, and then many businesses nowadays use fake cats as fakes, and it is difficult to distinguish between cats in their kittenhood. And what is the difference between them?

  1. In the classification of pet cats, there is a distinction between purebred cats and mixed breed cats. These two types of cats have obvious differences in pedigree and breeding. A purebred cat is a breed of cat whose ancestors are all of the same species, and is generally inbred, which often causes congenital defects in cats due to inbreeding problems. Mixed-breed cats, on the other hand, are the offspring of crossbreeding, and their pedigree is not pure, but they have excellent adaptability and are therefore loved by society at large and are bred.

  2. Purebred cats are generally a kind of cats that come from selective breeding. Long ago, people bred cats and then selected them for breeding. Therefore, the next generation of purebred cats were bred step by step, and the process was crossbreeding and selection, so the cats that can be held in people's arms today are not "purebred" in a narrow sense, but "mongrel". These cats were slowly shaped and then carefully selectively bred to stabilize the genetic characteristics of their appearance, which are today's purebred cats. The same appearance and characteristics of breeding cats to breed the next generation.

  3. Mixed breed cats, as far as breeds are concerned, are generally not easily recognized by people or relevant institutions, and the appearance of cats may be very complicated. Because breeding is not subject to any restrictions, coat patterns are varied, and it is impossible to make a meaningful classification based on facial features. Certainly in a particular region, inbred mating of related non-purebred cats has occurred, so there are many similarities between each other.

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