How to tell if your dog is full

JUL 31,2021

As a dog owner, you are inexperienced when feeding your dog and do not know if your dog is full or not. If you can't tell, your dog may starve or eat too much, which can be harmful to its health. So it is very important that our owners learn how to tell if their dogs are full.

  As a dog owner, in the beginning when feeding the dog are inexperienced, do not know whether the dog is full. Once the inaccurate judgment, it is possible to make the dog starve or eat too much, which is harmful to its health. So it's very important that our owners learn how to tell if their dogs are full or not.

A well-fed dog

  Touch method.

  The place to touch is, of course, the dog's abdomen, and every time your dog finishes eating, feel its stomach with your hand. The method of determination is that if the dog's abdomen is full, it means that the diet is just the right amount; if the dog's stomach is a little deflated, it means that the dog has not eaten enough; conversely, if the dog's abdomen bulges a lot, it means that the dog has eaten too much. According to the situation of the touch and then in a reasonable adjustment of the dog's future diet can be.

  Look at the defecation

  Observation is mainly to see the dog defecation situation. There are several criteria for such a determination. First of all, under normal circumstances to see whether the dog's daily defecation time is regular; secondly, to see the dog each time the excrement situation. Under normal circumstances, the dog's excrement should be soft and hard to pick up from the floor, and the color of more than earthy yellow (depending on the food changes may also be some changes). On the contrary, if the dog's excrement is found to be hard and granular, it means that the usual feeding food is on the low side; if the dog's excrement is sparse, it means that the usual food is on the high side, according to this standard and then to reasonably adjust the pet dog's diet can be

  Observation method

  If the dog is still jittery and unhappy after eating and circles around you, this means that the food you put in may not be enough. If the dog looks satisfied after eating, wipes its own face, wags its tail and goes to rest or plays, it means it has had enough food. In addition, if the dog will hide the food, it means that there is too much food, the owner needs to pay attention to it.

  The feeding recommendations on the general dog food bag are also a good reference. Among the diseases suffered by puppies, digestive system diseases have always been the first, which is often related to people's overindulgence and failure to feed scientifically. In fact, the owner's love for them, dogs are twelve percent gladly accepted, but sometimes it is precisely the owner's love that harms them. Therefore, for the health of the dog, the owner more knowledge of scientific feeding is really very necessary. Otherwise become big fat, but to desperately trying to lose weight.

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